I Just Don't Like the Sound of No! Activity Guide for Teachers: Classroom Ideas for Teaching the Skills of Accepting 'No' for an Answer and Disagreein

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Julia Cook

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How can teachers help young students in the classroom learn to accept No calmly and disagree with others without arguing or getting angry? In this guide for educators, author Julia Cook uses everything from a game of tag to fifteenbean soup in activities that teach K-6 students how to use the social skills featured in her children s book, I Just Don t Like the Sound of NO! These 24 games and activities, in addition to being challenging and entertaining, call upon students to use imagination, teamwork, and creativity to complete them. They also exercise children s observation, reading, writing, thinking, and decision-making skills. Each activity provides teacher instructions, lists of materials when needed, and activity sheets for use in-class or as homework. Sixteen reward coupons can be used to recognize students who demonstrate the skills correctly. The enclosed CD-ROM has pdf files of all of the reproducible pages in the activity guide plus extra worksheets to use. Reward coupons on the CD come in full color and black and white. Use the ideas in this guide to help students master the skills that RJ learns in I Just Don t Like the Sound of NO!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review