The Royal Road to Card Magic

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Hugard Jean

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As a magician, your great reward is to amaze your audience - using a simple pack of cards. To do this, you need to master core shuffle skills that sit beneath every sleight of hand card trick. Once you have mastered these shuffles, the tricks become easy! This new videobook edition of the greatest card magic book, offers the budding magician a brilliant introduction to sleight of hand magic. It uses more than 100 video clips to demonstrate the principles and practice of card magic. You will learn to shuffle and present some astounding tricks. An experienced and gifted performer, writer and teacher, Hugard's exceptional combination of skills shines through in the clarity of his explanations. His example has inspired a generation of magicians - and will inspire you too to succeed in baffling any audience. 'I don't know a good card magician who hasn't read, studied and loved The Royal Road to Card Magic. When I started, it was never out of my sight - the best imaginable book for the beginner - and it taught me everything from shuffling a pack of cards to performing impossible feats for a theatre full of people. I'm delighted that now it's available in such a modern edition, to excite and inspire new generations of illusionists.' Geoffrey Durham (The Great Soprendo), member of the Inner Magic Circle


(No reviews yet) Write a Review