Management and Supervision of Law Enforcement Personnel

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Donald Schroeder

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Schroeder and Lombardo have aptly applied their knowledge and expertise stemming from years of service on the force combined with years of teaching and consulting experience to create a timely and useful manual for law enforcement management and supervision. The many roles of the manager and supervisor are clearly defined and discussed at length, providing the reader with an understanding about the satisfaction as well as the difficulty connected with successful leadership. Each chapter focuses on a specific function of the manager-supervisor; it is then broken down into the basic elements to which a successful law enforcement manager and supervisor must respond on a daily basis. This publication is a must not only for anyone studying for promotion in law enforcement, but also for current managers/supervisors who would like to improve their on-the-job performance. Topics include principles associated with a police supervisor's or manager's role as a leader, planner, communicator, performance evaluator, trainer, disciplinarian, and human relations specialist. Chapter 3 on The Managerial Function of Planning has been fully updated for the 4th edition. Additionally, the manager/supervisor will learn techniques pertaining to problem solving, field operations, and multicultural issues. Following each chapter is a short section to Test Your Understanding.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review