M: Business

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O. C. Ferrell;Geoffrey Hirt;Linda Ferrell

Product Overview

We hear over and over again that the modern learner has a completely new and different set of needs from a learning package. These new digital natives have developed cognitive thinking patterns that are different from those of earlier generations of students. Its important that educators recognize these differences in students, and that they also account for students with differing learning styles. Students today rely on technology as an important tool in their educational and personal lives. M: BUSINESS accounts for these differences in students today and appeals more effectively to digital natives. An emphasis is placed on the visual and technology component of the product offering (Connect), while the text remains a (important) supporting tool for their learning in the course. Students today are used to active learning experiences, which is what M: Business provides. The book in combination with the personal study partner (LearnSmart), and the Interactive Applications in Connect Business provide students with a rich, interactive experience that enhances the text content, and keeps them actively engaged in the course content. Students today are also used to feedback and payoff - Connect Business provides these interactive rewards for learning the course content.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review