HOME CARE HOW TO - The Guide To Starting Your Senior In Home Care Business

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Brendan John

Product Overview

Home Care How To is an in depth guide that teaches you how to start a home care business. Learn what to do to start and run an ethical, profitable, and rewarding business in the home care market. With an easy to follow step by step approach you'll discover the systems to set up using the provided tools and success strategies needed to launch and grow your home care agency.

Presented by an entrepreneur with over a decade in the home care industry and two decades building companies, he uncovers the secrets, opportunities and pitfalls for you to look for that other home care franchises and senior care membership companies charge tens of thousands for. Learn everything from how to set up your office to finding your caregivers to marketing your services to how to provide the services.

The Guide also comes with access to the website which complements the book by providing access to the helpful tools, forms and resources discussed in the book, each available for download.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review