Foundations of Sport Management

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Andy Gillentine;R. Brian Crow

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With an updated and expanded look at the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the sport industry, the third edition of Foundations of Sport Management will maintain its previous editions stance as one of the most widely adopted sport management foundational texts on the market. Editors Andy Gillentine and R. Brian Crow, along with a team of leading authors, aim to provide readers with a dynamic and comprehensive overview of the core concepts and current trends of the industry. Their years of experience as elite academicians and practitioners make this volume a cutting-edge resource for undergraduates considering or pursuing careers in sport management. Topics covered in this edition include economics and finance, marketing, sponsorship and sales, facility and event management, media relations, governance, and ethics.

Chapters include: 1. Introduction to the Sport Industry - Andy Gillentine, R. Brian Crow, and Josh Harris 2. Why Sport Management Matters - Catriona Higgs 3. Communication and Media Relations in Sport - Andy Gillentine, R. Brian Crow, and Galen Clavio 4. Management and Leadership in the Sport Industry-Jeremy S. Jordan, Aubrey Kent, and Matt Walker 5. An Introduction to Sport Economics - Matthew T. Brown 6. Sport Finance - Tom Regan and Matthew Bernthal 7. Sport Marketing - John Clark 8. Sponsorship and Sales in the Sport Industry - Nancy L. Lough and Greg Greenhalgh 9. Sport Facility Management - Bernard Goldfine and Tom Sawyer 10. Event Management - Heather Lawrence and Bernard Goldfine 11. Sport Industry and the Law - Paul J. Batista, JD 12. Sport Governance - Dennis Phillips 13. Ethics in the Sport Industry - Lynn L. Ridinger and T. Christopher Greenwell 14. Global Sport Industry - Artemisia Apostolopoulou and Dimitra Papadimitriou 15. Sport Management Internships - John Miller


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