Communicating in Small Groups: Principles and Practices (10th Edition)

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Steven A. Beebe;John T. Masterson

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Known for its wealth of practical, relevant, and up-to-date information, Communicating in Small Groups balances the principles of small group communication with real world applications. With an emphasis on real world examples, technology, and ethical collaboration, the 10th edition of Communicating in Small Groups: Principles and Practices helps students enhance their performance in groups and teams, while giving them insight in to why group and team members communicate as they do.

  • Extensive coverage of critical thinking, reasoning, and fallaciesincluding the latest research findings about the use of creative methods to solve problems and Case Studies to practice applying the latest research to relevant scenariosallows students to test some of the best approaches for dealing with all types of situations that arise in a group environment.
  • Excellent discussion of the business world includes examples of business applications, leadership, and meetings to prepare students for group work outside of the classroom.
  • The Virtual Communication feature helps students identify applications of collaboration, meetings, groups and teams, and technology.
  • Collaborating Ethically feature enables students to connect ethical principles with each aspect of working in groups.
  • Tips for dealing with difficult group and team members give students strategies they can use immediately.
  • Focus on structuring problem-solving discussions provides tools and techniques that help students handle this common group situation effectively.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review