Ballet: Beyond the Basics

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Sandra Noll Hammond

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The clear writing style, vivid analogies, and illustrations that show movement come alive are among many features that make Ballet: Beyond the Basics a proven, indispensible guide. The rich historical tradition of ballet is foundational to Hammond's approach to helping intermediate ballet students those who are familiar with basic ballet terminology, understand correct body placement, and can easily perform elementary techniques expand their technical development and artistic growth. Although written to encourage students and teachers who deal with the most challenging phase of ballet training, experienced dancers seeking to refresh their knowledge and enhance their level of achievement can benefit from Hammond's reliable, timeless advice.

Table of Contents:

1. Getting Ready Studio/Stage Directions / Variety of Interpretation / Positions of the Arms / Descriptive Terms / The Four E's: Equilibrium, Extension, Elevation, Endurance / The Good Class / Survival 2. Barre Exercises Warm-Up Sequence before Plies / Preparation and Finish / Additional Barre Exercises / More Battements / More Ronds de Jambe / More Developpes / More Corps et Bras Exercises / Putting It All Together 3. Center Exercises Traveling Exercises Using Epaulement / Turning Exercises / Diagonal Exercises / Corps et Bras Combinations / Additional Arabesques and Attitudes / Poses en Attitude / Additional Adagio Exercises / Some Fouettes / Turns 4. Allegro Preparatory Exercises / Connecting and/or Preparatory Steps / Small Allegro Steps / Medium-Size Allegro Steps / More Medium-Size Steps / Large Allegro Steps / Turning Steps / Steps of Elevation That Also Turn / Steps of Elevation That Always Turn / Steps with Beats / Brises / Cabrioles 5. Elements of Artistry Attributes of Movements / Rhythm / Shape / Space / Dynamics / Finding the Push/Sustaining the Image / Movement Economy / Embellishment of Movement / Three-Dimensional Image / Neglected Basics / Dancing on Point / Elementary Exercises / Using the Eyes 6. Learning from History A New Look at an Old Barre / Center Exercises from the Past / Allegro from the Past Epilogue


(No reviews yet) Write a Review