One Shot One Kill

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Charles W. Sasser;Craig Roberts

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They are the lone wolves of the battlefield. Tracking the enemy, lying in wait for the target to appearthen they shoot to kill. Armed with an unerring eye, infinite patience and a mastery of camouflage, combat snipers stalk the enemy with only one goal...

In World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Beirut, American snipers honed the art of delivering a single deadly shot from nowhereand devastating enemy morale. They met the enemy on his own turf, picking off officers, unwary soldiers, and even other snipers from extraordinary distances of up to 1 miles. Now, these uncommon men tell their stories: of the emotions felt when a man's face came into their crosshairs and they pulled the trigger, of the nerve-wracking hours and days of waiting, motionless, for the enemy, of the primal savagery of a sniper duel.

Often trained haphazardly in wartime, and forgotten in times of peace, combat snipers were officially recognized after the Vietnam War, when the Marine Corps became the first military branch to start a full-time sniper school. One Shot-One Kill is their powerful record of desperate trials and proud victories.

A main selecton of the Military Book Club!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review