Daniels' Orchestral Music (Music Finders)

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David Daniels

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Daniels Orchestral Music is the gold standard among conductors, music programmers, orchestra librarians, and any other music professionalor studentseeking to research an orchestral program, whether for a single concert or a full season. Compositions cover the standard international repertoire for the orchestra; this latest edition, nearly a decade since the previous one, contains over 8500 entries. Daniels Orchestral Music organizes works alphabetically by composer and title, and contains duration and instrumentation of each entry, as well as date of composition. Individual appendices make it easy to browse works that include chorus, solo voices, or solo instruments. Further appendices list orchestral works by instrumentation; by duration; works intended for youth concerts; significant anniversaries of composers; and composer groups for thematic programming. An appendix labeled Orchestralogy provides essential bibliography, internet sources, and institutions and organizations necessary for the orchestra professional. A title index and a directory of publishers round out this monumental work.

For this latest edition, users will find all the familiar useful features of the 4th edition, plus enhanced listings of individual movements and their durations.

This work, used around the globe, is a must-have for orchestral professionals, whether conductors or orchestra librarians; administrators involved in artistic planning; music students considering orchestral conducting; authors of program notes; publishers and music dealers; and instructors of conducting.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review