Buzkashi: Game and Power in Afghanistan

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G. Whitney Azoy

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Much has happened since Buzkashi: Game and Power in Afghanistan first appeared; the past three decades have devastated Afghanistan. Replete with significant updates, including a new chapter profiling Afghanistan's past and recent struggles, this richly illustrated Third Edition remains the first and only full-scale anthropological examination of a single sport, buzkashi, as well as a beautifully written longitudinal case study about the game s social significance.

Azoy first describes how the game of buzkashi is played and introduces readers to its rich history, its roots in tradition, and the implicit and explicit meanings attached to it. Next, readers learn about the author's fieldwork and his ex-pat diplomatic experiences, including his personal journey toward understanding the complexities of this ancient game with its wild-card quality. Azoy's captivating descriptions and his incisive analysis of buzkashi as a metaphor for political control and chaos, provide a window into the volatile nature of Afghanistan's political autonomy.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review