Tuscan & Andalusian Reflections: 20 Beautiful Homes Inspired By Old World Architecture

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Aram Bassenian
New Paperback Edition

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The most popular Tuscan Home-Design book ever published is now available in Paperback! The Hardcover version of this book spent 100 weeks on the National Bestseller List! Dazzling beautiful, this book is a tour de force of twenty Old World-inspired homes designed by Bassenian/Lagoni Architects of Newport Beach, CA. Built in the canyons and along the costs of California, as well as the deserts of Nevada, these homes echo the architectural forms, textures and motifs of structures built in the hill towns of Tuscany and the plains of Andalusia. Inspired by the architecture of Southern Europe, yet totally new, these graceful, time-tempered homes display contemporary floor planning, the finest amenities and state-of the-art technology. The volume includes over 250 glorious color photographs of exteriors and interiors, as well as detailed floor plans and site maps of twenty different homes. Special sections entitled It's In The Details offer close-up views of architectural forms, materials, colors and layouts that offer expert advice on planning, designing and appreciating Tuscan- and Andalusian-style homes. For consumers, this remarkable book will serve as a valuable resource of ideas for design, landscaping, interiors and furnishings created in the Old World style, but with a California twist. For professionals and students, this collection will provide examples of innovative floor planning, adept use of forms and materials, and execution of a comprehensive design vision that has become the hallmark of Bassenian/Lagoni Architects.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review