Thinking Like a Communist

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Tony Smith

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This particular study shows how the theories of Marx and Lenin have shaped communist practice, in particular how Lenin's model adapted to diverse conditions in Russia, China, and Cuba.

It offers valuable insights into the possible limits of change in communist societies, and into the future course of East-West relations.

Prof. Smith's brief incisively written book is worth pondering because, among other things, it is high;y relevant to the question of the likelihood of transformation of communist thinking, and how to appraise its authenticity. Sidney Hook, senior fellow, Hoover Institution, in the Wall Street Journal

[Smith's] critique of Marxism-Leninism as practiced throughout the world has great elegance of construction, subdued wit, and clarity of expression . . . Thinking Like a Communist is a timely, cogent, and very smart book. Thomas D'Evelyn, Christian Science Monitor

A brilliantly original study of the 'laws of motion' of Communist thought, how they have shaped history during the past hundred years, and what they portend for the future. Chilton Williamson, Jr., National Review


(No reviews yet) Write a Review