The Truth Chronicles (Adventures in Odyssey)

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Are there really right answers to big questions about God, faith and truth? The kids of Odyssey are about to find out! Can the Science club discover the reality of Intelligent Design? Will Captain Absolutely triumph over the evil schemes of Dr. Relative? And what happens when kids are in charge of their own city . . . with no adults! Theres absolute adventure ahead with these life-changing stories on seeing the world from a Christian perspectiveand thats no lie. Inspired by Focus on the Familys The Truth Project curriculum, these 11 new stories include themes such as a Christian Worldview, False gods, Government and the Bible, Absolute Truth, Intelligent Design, Compassion, The Founding of America, The Trinity and Natural Order. Includes 16-page booklet with questions for family discussion. Also includes Kidsboro audio drama, which introduces a new kids-only neighborhood in Odyssey.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review