The Lean Memory Jogger for Healthcare

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Richard L. MacInnes;Mark L. Dean

Product Overview

Achieving Perfect Care requires a more than knowledge, it requires LEAN know-how. This book will explain what you need to know to apply lean methods to a Healthcare Enterprise s processes and workplace. The specific information you will learn includes the following:
- Concepts/definitions you need to know
- Skills you need to develop
- Tools you need to use
- Steps you need to take

Easily learn these steps and tools, and it will help you and your team work together, systematically toward your lean Healthcare Enterprise goals.
The Lean Enterprise Memory Jogger for Healthcare is your source for LEAN know-how in tackling the complexities of healthcare service delivery. You are provided insights and practical guidance through the Healing University case study indispensable know-how for learning how to...

- Use Enterprise Mapping to discover and diagnose real pain points in your healthcare processes.
- Focus on Healing and Business Pathways as value streams that matter most.
- Leverage value creation and value destruction definitions to assess service value.
- Use foundational lean methods to define service demand, perfect service execution, and optimize supply resources.
- Apply new methods such as Service Blueprinting to assess and enhance the customer healthcare experience.
- Execute the right lean goals and methods in the right order to achieve Perfect Care.

Finally a book crafted specifically for the challenges of the Healthcare enterprise, applying true lean doctrine. The Lean Enterprise Memory Jogger for Healthcare is supplemented by The Lean Healthcare Implementer's Field Book, providing insights useful to accelerating the Lean Transformation. Both books are guaranteed to become quickly worn and tattered from use.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review