The Korean Cinderella (Trophy Picture Books (Paperback))

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Shirley Climo

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This masterfully retold version of Cinderella presents real Korean customs and includes dramatic, brightly colored illustrations (Children's Literature).

This is an enchanting and magical variant of the favorite fairy tale. Publishers Weekly noted that the text is especially noteworthy for its instructive but unobtrusive incorporation of Korean words. Children's Literature pointed out that it should be noted that all the illustrationsfrom those depicting Korean rituals to the smallest clothing detailsare the result of the illustrator's extensive research and passionate interest in Korean culture.

Like the tree planted to honor her birth, Pear Blossom is beautiful, and the pride of her elderly mother and father. But then her mother dies, and her father remarries. Pear Blossoms stepmother resents her new daughters beauty.

Out of jealousy, she makes Pear Blossom perform impossible chores while her own daughter, Peony, watches idly. But fortunately, Pear Blossom is not alone. With the help of magical creaturestogkabisshe can accomplish each task, and triumph over her stepmothers cruelty.

Notable Childrens Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies (NCSS/CBC)


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