Swedish Folk Tales

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This dazzling collection of twenty-nine illustrated stories includes:

  • When Mother Troll Took in the Kings Washing by Elsa Beskow
  • The Magicians Cape by Anna Wahlenberg
  • Leap the Elk and the Little Princess Cottongrass by Helge Kjellin
  • The Four Big Trolls and Little Peter Pastureman by Cyrus Granr
  • The Trolls and the Youngest Tomte by Alfred Smedberg
  • The Ring by Helena Nyblom
  • The Seven Wishes by Alfred Smedberg
  • Stalo and Kauras by P. A. Lindholm
  • The Maiden in the Castle of Rosy Clouds by Harald Ostenson
  • The Boy and the Trolls, or the Adventure by Walter Stenstrm
  • The Crofters and the Gnomes by Anna Wahlenberg
  • The Golden Key by W. E. Bjrk
  • The Giant Who Slept for Ten Thousand Years by Einar Rosenborg
  • ... and many more!
John Bauers original and evocative illustrations bring these classic Swedish folk tales to life. Those who love Swedish tales wont want to miss this beautifully illustrated book of timeless stories. This is a great gift for anyone at any time of the year!

Click on these links to view more of John Bauers exquisite illustrations.

Leap Elk and Little Princess Cottongrass
The Four Big Trolls and Little Peter Pastureman
The Golden Key

(Ages 7100)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review