Sport Public Relations and Communication (Sports Marketing)

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Maria Hopwood;James Skinner;Paul Kitchin

Product Overview

An increasingly important element of sport business is the management of the myriad of relationships in which sport entities are involved. It is the relationship management aspect of sport which is the unique focus of this book. Sport Public Relations and Communication discusses and reformulates the principles of public relations and communications by demonstrating how they can be successfully applied in practice within a sports context. Features include:

  • discussion customized to apply directly to sports management, thoroughly
    exploring the nuances of the field
  • case studies used throughout the book to illustrate the practical
    application of theory
  • discussion questions to help formulate and articulate defensible arguments
    in relation to public relations and communications strategies, forging strong
    links between theory and practice
  • examples used to draw from the authors extensive experience in North America,
    the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia and New Zealand, providing a well
    rounded and global understanding of the field.

This is the first book to explore public relations and communications in the sports industry in a global context. It brings together applicable strategies for the sport management or marketing student, and provides a concise guide to how public relations and communications strategies and principles can be applied to sport management and marketing issues.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review