Public Relations: From Theory to Practice

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Tricia Hansen-Horn;Bonita Dostal Neff

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Public Relations: From Theory to Practice provides a solid theoretical foundation for the public relations field through a unique theory-to-practice presentation and a variety of case study contexts.

This practical book examines a range of theoriesfrom functional, cultural, rhetorical, and critical to feminist, postmodern, and alternativein a variety of contexts compiled from the submissions of nearly thirty professors. As the only current theory-focused public relations book published for a U.S. globally connected audience, this book offers what has long been absent in the fielda comprehensive examination of public relations theory as practiced. Public Relations: From Theory to Practice presents theories in conjunction with case study applications that relate directly to the theory. These case studies, taken from diverse contexts, help the reader make connections between theories and their application in the real world. Reflective questions guide the reader through the nuances of this connection.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review