PSAT Study Guide 2015: PSAT Test Prep and Practice Questions

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Are you prepared for the PSAT/ National Merit Scholarship? Traditional PSAT prep books and PSAT study guides have followed the same format for decades. Written by independent, professional tutors to simulate the experience of private tutor sessions. the Accepted, Inc. PSAT study guide is specifically designed for increasing ANY students score - regardless of their current scoring ability. With a page count at only 25% the length of competitors study guides, our PSAT test prep 2015 book will increase your PSAT score, while significantly decreasing your study time. Don't focus your attention relearning elementary school concepts. If you need to know it, it is in our book. Our PSAT study guide does not contain filler or fluff , so you can work through the guide at a significantly faster pace than other PSAT prep books. By allowing a student to focus ONLY on those concepts that will increase their score, study time is more effective; The student does not lose focus or get mentally fatigued. - 300 practice questions with worked-through solutions - Key test-taking tactics that reveal the tricks and secrets of the test - Simulated one-on-one tutor experience - Organized by concept with detailed explanations - College application tips included - PSAT tips, tricks, and Test Secrets revealed - 25% of the page count of most PSAT test prep books Learn the real secrets to improve your PSAT skills and achieve the score you need with Accepted, Inc's PSAT study guide 2015.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review