On Deadline: Managing Media Relations, Fifth Edition

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Carole M. Howard;Wilma K. Mathews

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Media relations professionals must know how to stay ahead of the game to be effective in today's complex world. It is no longer enough that they craft news releases, orchestrate interviews and build sustaining relationships with reporters. Their multiple roles now include planner, crisis manager, communicator, counselor and strategist.

Called virtually an encyclopedia of media relations by one reviewer, the Fifth Edition covers relationships with reporters, spokesperson training, news conferences and special events, integrating media relations into marketing communications plans, crisis management, global media relations, ethics, establishing a media policy within the organization, measuring results and becoming a counselor to management. Its practical advice and how-to ideas draw on current case studies, most involving social media, and the authors' extensive experience in the U.S. and around the world.

With a clear and fast-moving style, the Fifth Edition maintains its status as the foremost book on media relations in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. It is a must-read for prospective and current media relations professionals dedicated to maximizing their organization's results.

Title of related interest from Waveland Press: Gower, Legal and Ethical Considerations for Public Relations, Second Edition (ISBN 9781577665540).

Every student of public relations, whether a seasoned practitioner or a first-year student, should read this book. -- Dr. Don Ranly, University of Missouri School of Journalism

Loaded with well-written, how-to ideas from two media pros, this book pays for itself in five minutes. -- communications briefings


(No reviews yet) Write a Review