Maths Practice Exercises 13+: Practice Exercises for Common Entrance Preparation

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David Hanson

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This set of Maths exercises provides perfect preparation for pupils who want lots of Maths practice in the run up to Common Entrance and other entrance exams at 13+. The practice material is arranged by topic to make revision simple. All exercises are written in the style of an ISEB exam paper, ensuring pupils familiarise themselves with the exam format and build the confidence to achieve top grades. - Endorsed by ISEB - Suitable for pupils at Key Stage 3 level and ideal for those working towards Common Entrance and other entrance exams at 13+ - Questions will familiarise pupils with the format and style of the exam so that they can enter the exam room with confidence, feeling fully prepared - Answer book is available Answers are not included in this book. Maths Practice Exercises 13+ Answer Book is available to buy separately. Also available from Galore Park - Mathematics Pocket Notes - Mathematics ISEB Revision Guide - Maths Practice Exercises 13+ Level 3 - So You Really Want To Learn Maths Books 1, 2 and 3


(No reviews yet) Write a Review