Marketing Research with SPSS

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Carl McDaniel Jr.;Roger Gates

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Real Data, Real People, Real Research

Experience what it's like to work at the frontlines of the marketing research industry! In Marketing Research, 7th Edition, Carl McDaniel, founder of the University of Texas at Arlington's MS In Marketing Research program, and Roger Gates, a full-time marketing researcher, offer you an engaging, highly entertaining, and thoroughly real look at the field today.

Drawing from their own real-life experiences, the authors provide insights into the latest trends, what works and what doesn't, and what separates the good research from the bad.

You'll discover how to effectively use marketing research to make critical decisions, learn how to manage people, know what to look for in a marketing research report, and much more.

Highlights of the Seventh Edition
* Three new data cases are based on real data gathered from a nationwide sample of 2,000 college-aged students from the Survey Sampling International database. Cases include and online dating service, an online student travel service, and a new chain of combination fast food/convenience stores.
* A new video on Focus Groups shows college students discussing online dating.
* From the Front Line boxes present real-life insights from practicing professionals at Roger Gates's research firm, DSS Research.
* A Student Version of SPSS 14.0 is packaged with this text.
* SPSS exercises follow each quantitative chapter. Data sets and Excel-based versions of the SPSS exercises are available on the Companion Web Site.
* New web quizzes enable students to test their understanding of the material.
* Includes many new chapter-opening vignettes, global vignettes, and real-life research cases, based on real companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Starbucks, Swiffer dust mops, Gap, and Coach Handbags.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review