Logos and No Gos: How to Understand and Get the Most from Your Brand IP

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Geoff Steward

Product Overview

Logos and No Gos ought to be mandatory reference material for all managers of branded products and services. It is a concise, easy read, jammed with crucial information on how to survive and thrive in the I.P. Jungle. It shows how to add brand value and how to guard that value with your life. When Kangol moved out of manufacturing and distribution into brand licensing it took us a while to realise that brand value lies as much in the quality and protection of the I.P. portfolio as it does in the image and trading performance. With Logos and No Gos on your desk there can be no excuse for sloppy I.P. management.
David M. Heys, C.E.O., Kangol Holdings Ltd

Geoff Steward is a highly experienced practitioner in the field of Intellectual Property and Trade Marks in particular. Logos and No Gos embodies his wide experience and is a very readable guide to what is otherwise a tortuous and, often, near impenetrable legal mine-field for the unwary brand owner and brand developer. Anyone thinking of launching any form of new business or product should read Geoff's book from cover to cover. Thus forewarned they should be able to avoid the worst pitfalls and, more importantly, be in a position to develop a valuable business asset.
Mark Platts-Mills QC, Barrister practicing in trade marks at 8 New Square, Lincoln's Inn

Intellectual property is one of the most valuable assets of all brand owners, and separates them from their competition in local, national and global markets. Damage to brands can have a deadly impact on a company's bottom line. Despite this, few brand owners really understand how to identify, get maximum value from and properly protect their IP rights.

Covering all aspects of rights protection in businessincluding copyright, designs trade marks, database right and domain namesLogos and No Gos is your complete guide for negotiating the minefield of IP in business. With the help of expert Geoff Steward, you will learn how to design and implement a strategy to fully protect your brand rightsand avoid inadvertently infringing those of others.

Logos and No Gos is a plain English guide to identifying and managing the IP in brands. It's all you need to understand and make the most of:

  • Trade marks
  • Copyright
  • Database rights
  • Designs
  • Domain names
  • Employment contracts
  • Contractors
  • Licensing
  • Assignments
  • Franchising


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