J.J. Pizzuto's Fabric Science 9th edition

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Allen C. Cohen;Ingrid Johnson
9th edition

Product Overview

In response to universal requests by faculty and students, Fairchild Books has returned the Fabric Science textbook to its original three ring binder format. With the increasing emphasis on textiles as a major global industry, Fabric Science, 9th Edition, continues the long tradition of meeting the needs of both students and professionals in the textile, fashion, and related industries. The best-selling introductory text is for students and professionals who need a solid understanding of basic textiles. In this new edition, Cohen and Johnson address the effect of textiles and textile products on the environment throughout the text as well as a standalone chapter. They address the variety of career opportunities in the design, production, marketing, and merchandising of textiles, apparel, and home products associated with the world of textiles. New chapter Textiles and the Environment and discussions throughout the text on the effect of textiles and textile products on the environment New section entitled Industrial Fabrics focusing on fabrics engineered to meet special performance requirements such as seat belts (transportation), bandages (medical), protective clothing (safety), inflatable building (construction) Pronunciations of fiber names in other languages Four-color throughout including new and revised line drawings New section Speaking of Textiles includes list of phrases relating to textiles and textile products used specifically in the industry More comprehensive coverage of nanotechnology CD-ROM includes study questions to encourage direct application of the material covered and assignments to provide a learning experience with practical industry application


(No reviews yet) Write a Review