Introduction to Quality Engineering: Designing Quality into Products and Processes

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Genichi Taguchi

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From the back cover: 'Introduction to Quality Engineering' is the first book with specific in-depth methods that places the responsibility of quality on everyone associated with the marketing, engineering and manufacturing of a product, and turns them all into Quality Control specialists. This book quantifies the loss due to lack of quality of a performance characteristic by directly relating it to lack of its deviation from target performance, and shows efficient experimental and analytical techniques to minimize it. Unlike other books on quality and industrial experimentation which treat the subject specialty in a localized manner, this book encompasses all major activities of an industry, and links them together with a common objective of reducing quality loss. Chapters of the book progress smoothly and build upon the previous chapters. Each chapter introduces the subject matter, then a real life case study follows and ends with question and answer session between Dr. Raguchi and the student in a typical class. The techniques shown are powerful but easy to apply, and does not require statistical background or other prerequisites; thus, the subject can be taught to engineers in an industry or in engineering schools.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review