Introduction to International Relations: Enduring Questions and Contemporary Perspectives

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Joseph Grieco;G. John Ikenberry;Michael Mastanduno
1st ed. 2014

Product Overview

Based on many years of teaching international relations courses and long-time collaboration between the authors, this major new text provides an authoritative introduction to international relations and to the long-standing questions that have engaged generations of IR scholars and students. Boxed features in each chapter help students navigate the 'levels of analysis', view the world from multiple perspectives, and 'make connections' between theory and practice, past and present, and aspirations and reality.

A major new introduction to International Relations by three of the leading figures in International Relations with reputations that extend around the world

Written to cover all that is needed on an introductory IR course and structured to enable lecturers to swap books with the minimum of disruption to their course

Deploys the 'level of analysis' framework throughout to enable students to take a theoretically rigorous approach to the subject

Numerous examples from around the world to illustrate the discussion

Four-colour design, richly illustrated with photographs, graphs and maps


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