How a Second Home Can Be Your Best Investment: New, Tax-Free Methods for Using a Vacation Home for Recreation, Retirement...AND Investment!

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$8.28 - $18.29
Maximum Purchase:
3 units
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Tom Kelly;John Tuccillo

Product Overview

Invest in your future with the second home of your dreams

If you've thought of owning a second home--as a vacation property, a place to retire, or just a smart investment--what are you waiting for? If you can own one home, you can own two! How a Second Home Can Be Your Best Investment offers commonsense guidance and case studies that show ordinary homeowners how to find a second home, finance it, and use it to build long-term wealth.

In this practical, straightforward guide, real estate experts Tom Kelly and John Tuccillo show you how to use the equity in your current home as a down payment on a second home--and how to get other people to pay the mortgage! With a little patience, you'll own a second home that you can live in, sell tax-free, or use as a source of lifelong cash flow. Packed with useful resources, proven strategies, and simple, unbeatable real estate wisdom, you'll have all the tools you need to:

  • Calculate what you can afford
  • Choose a community
  • Find the perfect property
  • Get the best financing
  • Understand and profit from tax laws
  • Manage your second home as a rental, and
  • Live richly off your investment!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review