Guide to HIPAA Auditing: Practical Tools for Privacy and Security Compliance, Third Edition

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What you don't know about HIPAA can hurt you!

Workforce turnover, new information systems, and external forces are continuous compliance challenges. A 138% increase in the number of privacy and security breaches affecting 500 or more individuals between 2012 and 2013, plus HIPAA Omnibus Rule requirements, make a workable HIPAA compliance plan, adequate resources, and tools to help you determine your current compliance status more critical than ever.

With HIPAA audits slated to resume and Office for Civil Rights (OCR) monetary settlements steadily increasing, the risk of ending up on OCR's wall of shame is greater than ever. OCR and two covered entities recently entered into the largest HIPAA settlement to date a combined $4.8 million penalty for alleged violations during a joint arrangement. The first step to ensuring HIPAA compliance is developing an effective risk analysis and management process that identifies threats, corrects vulnerabilities, and protects your patients.

The Guide to HIPAA Auditing: Practical Tools for Privacy and Security Compliance, Third Edition, will help you build a successful HIPAA compliance auditing and monitoring program at your organization. It will help you identify potential risks, improve your compliance program, and document your activities putting you in good standing for any government audit or litigation that requires you to substantiate your efforts.

This book will help you do the following:

- Build the business case for compliance assurance
- Understand and communicate to all concerned, including your workforce and business associates, the purpose and nature of auditing and monitoring for privacy and security compliance
- Develop an appropriately resourced privacy and security compliance assurance program
- Use tools to effectively plan for, conduct, and document the process of auditing and monitoring privacy and security compliance
- Close the feedback loop when potential issues arise and necessitate privacy and security compliance assurance improvements
- Identify and evaluate external resources for constructing your privacy and security compliance assurance program

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1: Building the Business Case for Compliance Assurance
Chapter 2: Compliance Assurance Program
Chapter 3: Organizational Relationships
Chapter 4: Audit Planning
Chapter 5: Auditing Uses and Disclosures
Chapter 6: Auditing Individual Rights
Chapter 7: Auditing Risk Analysis
Chapter 8: Auditing Privacy and Security Administrative Requirements
Chapter 9: Auditing Physical Security
Chapter 10: Auditing Technical Security
Chapter 11: Auditing Breach Notification Compliance
Chapter 12: Education, Training, and Awareness

Who Should Read This Book:

- Privacy officers
- Information security officers
- Compliance officers
- Risk officers
- HIM directors and managers
- IT security staff


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