Fireman's Safety Hints (Little People Shape Books)

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Board book
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Giovanni Caviezel

Product Overview

This illustrated board book opens up to show the interior of the house where a happy family lives. As kids turn the pages, they discover household safety hazards and learn how to avoid them. They learn to protect themselves in extreme cases, for instance, if their home ever catches fire, or if there is a gas explosion. This book emphasizes the importance of establishing escape routines, but keeps instruction light-hearted, in the spirit of the Little Fireman depicted in the story. Kids also learn to avoid burns at the kitchen stove, and discover that playing with matches is dangerous and must be avoided. They discover poison labels on household cleaning agents and learn to keep away from them. These and many other safety tips are presented to kids in ways they can easily understand. Parents and older children will also find first-aid advice and special tips for dealing with emergencies. All of the sturdy color illustrated paper-over-board books in this series are die-cut in the shape of the child who appears on the front cover, decked out in an appropriate costume.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review