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Brian Tracy

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Procrastinators, be advised: Success is not a magical combination of genetics and fashion sense. Rather, it is a series of time management behaviors which must be practiced on a regular basis. Luckily, EAT THAT FROG! will show you how to deal with those challenging tasks you keep putting off in an accessible comic book format. Instead of slowing you down, completing these hard jobs only empowers you to tackle the rest of your day.

EAT THAT FROG! is a vivid metaphor for conquering your most difficult tasks first. By eating that frog during the first part of the morning, successful people know that the hardest part of the day is behind them. This allows them to plow through the rest of their business with relative cheer, and get more done on a daily basis. Plus, challenging tasks tend to be associated with the greatest personal and professional rewards. Once you learn how to develop habits that will allow you to perform at a consistently high level, the type of work you do becomes far more interesting.

Bestselling author Brian Tracy cuts to the core of what is vital to effective time management: decision, discipline, and determination. While the pace of modern life can sometimes be overwhelming, EAT THAT FROG! will teach you 21 time-tested habits that will not only help you get a grip on your life, but boost your productivity. By making to-do lists and then confronting the most heinous task first, successful people make the best use of their energy. Based on the international best-seller, this comic book version pairs illustrated panels with the original text. These illustrations will show you in only a few minutes how to avoid the time-trap pitfalls of technology while making the most of its efficiency


(No reviews yet) Write a Review