Dive Bomber & Ground Attack Units of the Luftwaffe Vol 1

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Douglas Stankey;Henry De Zeng IV

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The first in this two-volume series will provide aviation historians with an exhaustive reference work on all the Luftwaffe's dive-bomber and ground-attack units, including information on operations. All 16 Stuka Geschwader, 17 ground-attack, and 20 night-harassment units are covered along with their component staff flights and Gruppen and specialist anti-tank units. The two volumes are divided into the early and late phases of the war, and cover pre-war formation, designation and reorganization until the demise of the Luftwaffe. The book includes lists of key operations, locations, bases and transfers, together with a comprehensive breakdown of theatres of operations, key battles and missions flown, and aircraft types that were flown by each unit. In addition, there are detailed listings of unit commanders including dates and locations of the commands. A wealth of photos throughout shows aircraft types, unit markings, close ups of unit emblems, badges, and commanders, many in color and never seen before. These books are the product of many years of research by the authors, both of whom are highly respected experts in this field, and present highly detailed information in this form for the first time.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review