Design and Analysis

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Bernard Leupen;Christoph Grafe;Nicola Krnig;Marc Lampe;Peter de Zeeuw

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Design and Analysis by Bernard Leupen, Christoph Grafe, Nicola Krnig, Marc Lampe, and Peter de Zeeuw Design and Analysis is an insightful, interdisciplinary exploration of the diversity of analytic methods used by architects, designers, urban planners, and landscape architects to understand the structure and principles of the built environment. Developed by a team headed by Bernard Leupen at Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, Design and Analysis defies borders of history, geography, and discipline, tracing the evolution of design principles from ancient Greece to the 20th century. Only methodical analysis gives us an insight into the design process, states architect Bernard Tschumi. Using historical examples from architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture, Design and Analysis defines an ordered system that enables the design student or professional to identify the factors that influence designers decisions, and shows how to relate them to the finished project. Design and Analysis is organized into six chapters that correspond to these factors: order and composition, functionality, structure, typology, context, and analytical techniques. The authors introduce the analytical drawing as a time-tested means to obtaining insight into the design process. Over 100 line drawings are featured in all. Using contemporary architectural examples to teach ancient design principles, Design and Analysis is more than just an introduction to analytical methods. The authors give an outline of space design as a whole, from individual buildings to urban and landscape ensembles. Though primarily intended for design students to help them appreciate many of the issues that they will face as professionals, Design and Analysiss broad, easy-to-read approach makes it an invaluable handbook for designers of all disciplines.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review