Critical Essays in Sport Management: Exploring and Achieving a Paradigm Shift

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Andy Gillentine;Robert Baker;Jacquelyn Cuneen

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This collection of essays, written by a number of respected sport management scholars, addresses many of the challenges and issues facing today's sport management academic programs. It is intended to begin a professional and scholarly discussion to identify the best, or at least the most logical, paths to follow for sport management programs and the industry with which they are so closely aligned. Contributors, invited to participate based on their recognized areas of expertise, address specific topics using their own unique voices and writing styles.

In the ebook version, essays link to video introductions by the authors and to online discussion forums where readers can respond to the issues presented in the essays.

From the Preface: The field of sport management stands at an academic crossroads; the essays in this book address the following and other emerging questions:

Should our successful field of study continue to model other disciplines and perpetuate their successes, as well as their shortcomings, or should we determine our own specific model for academic success?

How are we doing in preparing future sport managers to perform in the industry and on the global stage?

Where do we belong in the scheme of academe?

The book's goal is to generate discussion among sport management professors, industry professionals who serve as adjunct faculty and participate on sport management program advisory boards, doctoral students who intend to teach in sport management programs, and others who explore and critique higher education in general.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review