Bioethics Beyond the Headlines: Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Decides?

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Albert R. Jonsen

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Bioethics asks fundamental questions. Who lives? Who dies? Who decides? These questions are relevant to us all. Too often, the general public's sole encounter with these weighty questions is through sound bites fed to us by the mediawhere complex, difficult matters are typically presented in superficial and inaccurate terms. Here, renowned bioethicist Albert R. Jonsen equips readers with the tools and background to navigate the fascinating and complex landscape of bioethics.

Bioethics Beyond the Headlines is a primer. You will not find convoluted philosophical arguments in this volume. Rather, you will find an engaging sampling of the key questions in bioethics, including euthanasia, assisted reproduction, cloning and stem cells, neuroscience, access to healthcare, and even research on animals and questions of environmental ethicsareas typically overlooked in general introductions to bioethics. But a primer is not merely a first bookit should also prime the interest of the reader, to prepare the mind for a more expansive venture into these issues. Bioethics Beyond the Headlines intends to do just that.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review