Being Thankful (Mercer Mayer's Little Critter)

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Mercer Mayer

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Join Little Critteras he learns why its important to be thankful for what he hasnot to be upset about what hedoesn't.

Since 1975, Mercer Mayer has been writing and illustrating stories about Little Critterand the antics he stumbles into while growing up. Tommy Nelson is thrilled to bring this beloved brand to the Christian market with the Inspired Kids line of faith-based books featuring Little Critter.

InBeing Thankful, Little Critter isn't gettinganythinghe wants. Gator gets cool brand-new sneakers, while Little Critter is stuck with his boring blue ones. Tigers dad has a boatbut not Little Critters dad. And even at the ice cream shop, Little Critter cant enjoy his chocolate ice cream cone because he would rather have a huge ice cream sundae instead. But on a trip to the farm, Grandma shows Little Critter why thankfulness is so important and helps make any situation seem so much happier.

Based on Psalm 107:1,this book will show children what gratitude is and why we should be thankful for all of the blessings God has given us.

Features & Benefits:

  • Little Critterbrand has humorously portrayed issues kids face for almost 40 years
  • Faith-inspired message shows kids how to be thankful for the things they have
  • More than 150 million Little Critter books sold


(No reviews yet) Write a Review