Auditing & Assurance Services, 5th Edition (Auditing and Assurance Services)

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Timothy Louwers;Robert Ramsay;David Sinason;Jerry Strawser;Jay Thibodeau

Product Overview

As we begin the new year, this title is currently the most up-to-date auditing textbook on the market, covering all of the latest pronouncements through the end of 2011. The books unique organization presents the auditing process in twelve concise chapters, with eight flexible, independent modules designed to be integrated into the course entirely at the instructor's discretion.

Perhaps most importantly, this title is the only book on the market to fully integrate the Codification of the New Clarity Standards (including new section) issued by the Auditing Standards Board. As these standards will be effective for year-end audits after December 15, 2012, they will be covered on the CPA exam beginning in July 2013, when many current students will be taking the CPA exam after completing 150 hours of coursework.

In addition, the Louwers book also brings the real world into the classroom through the addition of extensive Auditing Insights involving real issues facing today's professionals as well as the updated Apollo Shoes Casebook, the only stand-alone fraud audit case on the market (available on the book's website,

Throughout the revised text, the Louwers author team has updated each chapter to include the latest pronouncements, technology and case material for your auditing classes:

  • This edition has fully integrated the eight new standards adopted by the PCAOB. And, most importantly, the risk assessment chapter was restructured to incorporate the exacting risk assessment process as outlined in the new PCAOB risk standards.
  • The book has fully integrated the latest updates from the International Standards of Auditing (ISAs) and the Auditing Standards Board (ASB).
  • Each chapter now begins with a list of the AU/ISA Sections that are covered from the Codification of Statements on Auditing Standards published by the AICPA and the list of PCAOB Auditing Standards covered in that chapter.
  • This edition incorporates the major changes to the structure and the content of the auditing section of the CPA examination for 2011 and has been designed to provide multiple opportunities for students to practice questions that they will encounter on the CPA exam. Each chapter has an abundance of multiple choice questions. In addition, to provide experience with the task-based exam approach, Kaplan CPA Simulations are included in the text problem material and are also accessible at These multiple choice questions and simulations allow the student to gain skills and pick up additional knowledge for success on the CPA Examination.
  • The education version of ACL software is included free with the book. Exercises for use with the ACL software are available on the book's website.
  • The book is also fully integrated with McGraw-Hill's Connect Accounting

    The next evolution in online homework management and assessment, McGraw-Hill's Connect Accounting is an online assignment and assessment solution that connects you with the tools and resources you'll need to achieve success:

    • Access to end-of-chapter material that provides immediate feedback and reports directly to your instructor's reports.
    • Access to lectures and study tools like PowerPoint slides.
    • If you are interested in a straight-forward, interactive and eco-friendly knowledge acquisition process, the Louwers text can help. The book is now integrated fully with McGraw-Hill's Connect Accounting, you also receive access to a searchable, integrated online version of the textbook to help you successfully complete your work whenever and wherever you choose. If your instructor chooses to use McGraw-Hill's Connect Accounting with your course, you can purchase access from the Online Learning Center at

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