Archer Addy: Trying Something New (Archer Addy, The True Life Adventures) (Volume 1)

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Erik Nachtrieb
1st Edition

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Archer Addy is a real girl with real dreams and adventures in archery. (130 Pages)One day she was inspired to try something new and so began, The Archer Addy book series. Follow Addison Addy Nachtrieb's journey to become a champion Archer. The story uses original Facebook posts and training journal entries as inspiration for every chapter.

Addy's perspective is funny, sassy and shows the heart of a champion. Read about her insights on her parents, her new challenges and how her world works. She's strong-willed and will inspire other children to work hard and never give up.

Keeping in the spirit of inspired youth, the Archer Addy series is illustrated by 17 year old artist, Hayden Beaty.

Archer Addy's journey takes her from entry level to National Champion in two short years. It was difficult, coming from hard work and sacrifice. The first book in this series, I'm Trying Something New! follows Archer Addy from the first time she picks up a bow and arrow to her first big tournament. How did her journey start? How did she do at her first tournament? Find out how she conquered this milestone and her skeptical parents. Did the first tournament turn out as well as it was expected?

Early reviews come from some of the top ranked women in the sport. According toErika Jones (#1 Ranked Woman's Compound Archer - 2014 USA Archery Team, #1 World Ranked and the World Archery 2013 Female Athlete of the Year) Archer Addy is a heartwarming story about a young girl's passion for archery and the hard work it takes to reach her goals. It's a great read for any youth with big dreams and a will to succeed.

Jamie Van Natta (15th World Ranked Female Compound Archer - 2014) I very much enjoyed the first Archer Addy book. It reminded me of my own experiences growing up in archery and my excitement at my first big tournament, as well as my relationship with my father as we were learning the sport together. Addy's insights are excellent and I look forward to reading of her future adventures and watching her grow up in this sport. The art is really well executed.

This is a great read for all youth looking to challenge themselves, to achieve a dream. Read the book and follow the real Archer Addy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and her website as she continues to share her archery and life journey with you.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review