Aerial Dance

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Jayne Bernasconi;Nancy Smith

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Aerial Dance is the first book to showcase this newest dance genre. The book traces the historical roots of this latest art form, which is rapidly gaining in popularity. It also defines its place in the lineage of modern dance and addresses aesthetics, philosophical approaches to teaching, and safety issues.

Aerial Dance will be of great interest to all those associated with or attracted to this emerging art form. Whether a novice or professional, a practitioner or educator, they will learn from those who helped shape aerial dance into what it is today. Through this book and DVD package, readers will

  • gain insight from essays written by leading choreographers in the field;
  • gain a greater understanding of and appreciation for aerial dance choreography through Look Up! features that provide cross-references to video performance clips on the DVD; and
  • view high-quality photographs that illustrate the origins of aerial dance.

Part I details the evolution of aerial dance and its place in a postmodern world. It delves into the aesthetics of aerial dance and the differences between this genre and circus-based aerial arts.

Part II presents a variety of essays from many of the top artists in the field who provide insight into their own approaches to aerial dance. The book also presents a variety of teaching applications, including ideas for working with special populations and related art forms.

Part III is all about safety, including injury prevention, rigging, other safety-related issues. This part helps readers understand anatomical and physiological issues regarding safety.

Note that Aerial Dance is not meant as an instruction book in choreographing or executing aerial dance moves. No book can ensure safe rigging or keep a dancer from falling. Those who are interested in learning and practicing aerial dance must first find a skilled and experienced teacher. The appendix includes contact information on aerial dancers, teachers, festivals, and aerial dance equipment.

Readers will find great insight and direction from seasoned experts in this innovative dance form. Aerial Dance captures the passion of the genre and helps readers appreciate the creative possibilities it offers.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review