Administrative Side of Coaching 2e: Applying Business Concepts to Athletic Program Administration and Coaching (Administrative Side of Coaching: Applying Business Concepts)

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Richard Leonard

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Coaches and athletic program administrators face a wide array of challenges as they attempt to ensure that their programs are efficient and effective. Difficult decisions are made on a daily basis regarding issues such as facility scheduling, fundraising, travel budgeting, and marketing. Their decisions concerning those and other matters determine a program's current and future success. This book guides future practitioners and current professionals in adapting the tools utilised by today's top business managers to assist them in meeting the demands they face on a daily basis. In developing this second edition, Dr Richard Leonard, a former coach himself at the collegiate level, updated the concepts of coaching administration to include the most recent business models and applied those theories to the professions of coaching and athletic program administration. While the foundational information from the widely adopted first edition remains intact, this new edition offers a greater focus on practical application of coaching administration. Updates include: new chapter designs; contemporary support references; additional administrative philosophies; a more comprehensive coverage of the individual topics of coaching administration. Ancillary materials available to instructors who adopt this textbook include a PowerPoint file with summaries, key terms, discussion questions, and application exercises from each chapter; an instructor's supplement; and suggested term projects.


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