Abraham Lincoln, the Quakers, and the Civil War: A Trial of Principle and Faith

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William C. Kashatus

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This unique addition to Civil War literature examines the extensive influence Quaker belief and practice had on Lincoln's decisions relative to slavery, including his choice to emancipate the slaves.

Explains the critical role Quakers exercised in Lincoln's prosecution of the Civil War

Reveals how Quakers employed their historic commitments to abolitionism and pacifism to convince Lincoln of the necessity of emancipation, freedmen's relief and education, and conscientious objection

Highlights Lincoln's interactions and correspondence with individual British and American Quakers and Quaker groups

Provides readers with important context necessary to understand one of the nation's most respected humanitarian groups

Includes nearly two dozen period photographs that provide a fascinating glimpse into long-ago history

Examines the Quakers' 150-year crusade against slavery, their efforts to improve the conditions of free blacks, and the religious beliefs that informed those activities


(No reviews yet) Write a Review