2: Hurry Up and Wait

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Maira Kalman;Daniel Handler

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Youre supposed to stop and smell the roses
but truth be told it doesnt take that long
to smell them. You hardly have to stop.
You can smell the roses and still have time to
run all those errands before the sun goes
down and its dinner time.

Hurry Up and Wait is the second volume in a new series of collaborations between renowned artist and bestselling author Maira Kalman, New York Times bestselling writer Daniel Handler (a.k.a. Lemony Snicket), and The Museum of Modern Art, New York. This time a whimsical collection of images captures people in motionor not. In snapshots by some of the worlds most celebrated photographers, some people stride forth, dash across streets, race on bicycles, and jump over puddles, while others form snaking lines, daydream on park benches, and linger on sidewalks with friends. So whats the rush? With 11 vibrant new illustrations by Kalman inspired by the photographs, and thought-provoking prose by Handler that ponders the merits of action, Hurry Up and Wait will charm readers of all ages.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review