2: A Short History of the Middle Ages, Volume II: From c. 900 to c. 1500, Second Edition

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Barbara H. Rosenwein

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A Short History of the Middle Ages Volume II is an affordable, succinct narrative overview of medieval history from c.900 to c.1500. Each chapter covers a slice of time and integratesculture, politics, art, economics, and social issues. Rosenweinplaces Europe in the context of the Islamic world and the Byzantine, Mongol, and Ottoman empires. The histories of women,Jews, andheretics are all importantparts of this story.

With 38 plates, most in color, Volume II's illustrations serve as an introduction to the history of medieval art and architecture, while its 26 maps?many in color?provide a wordless panorama of political changes over time. Genealogies and lists of popes and other rulers are provided so that the book may serve as a handy reference tool.

New to the second edition are the lists ofKey Events indicating major dates in each chapter. Revisions and expansions have been made throughout.

The original one-volume format of A Short History ofthe Middle Ages, covering medieval history from c.300 to c.1500, remains available.


A Short History of the Middle Ages, second edition is the most beautifully presented textbook I have seen in nearly twenty years of university teaching. The additions to the second edition, especially the timelines at the ends of the chapters, make this edition far superior to the first. - Gary Miller, Southern Oregon University

Rosenwein gives a concise, detailed, and up-to-date survey of medieval history. She is masterful in integrating closely the book's many images, maps, and genealogies into her argument. Her treatment is concise, without ever being superficial. A Short History of the Middle Ages is by far the best book of its kind. - Anders Winroth, Yale University

This beautifully written, exquisitely illustrated Short History is an ideal introduction to the Middle Ages. Rosenwein's feat of synthesizing the strongest new scholarship in the field while writing for the general reader is unparalleled. Because it is comprehensive and clearly detailed, I find this book as useful to students of literature, art history, and cultural studies as it is to historians. - Bonnie Wheeler, Southern Methodist University

Key Features:

  • Full color throughout with38 plates and26 maps

  • Genealogical tables, lists of popes and key dates

  • Integration of art into the history of the period

  • Inclusion of Byzantine and Islamic worlds

  • Overhead transparencies of maps and figures available

  • Access to a searchable website

Special Combined Price: Please note that a special discount price of CDN & US $65.00is available when this book is shrinkwrapped withReading the Middle Ages, Volume II: From c.900 to c.1500, edited by Barbara H. Rosenwein. The ISBN for this special package is 978-1-55402-664-7. Please contact customerservice@broadviewpress.com for more details.

Barbara H. Rosenwein's other works includeNegotiating Space: Power, Restraint, and Privileges of Immunity in Early Medieval Europe and To Be the Neighbor of Saint Peter: The Social Meaning of Cluny's Property. She is a professor in the Department of History at Loyola UniversityChicago.


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